Unboxing and setting up the APSX-PIM injection machine


You will receive the APSX-PIM in a wood crate with a truck delivery. It is about 300 lbs and 50" X 25" X 25" box.


The start up process is very simple: Open the crate, place the APSX-PIM on a desk or stand, plug and start using.

Content of the crate:

  • APSX-PIM Injection Machine
  • Tablet PC
  • Test mold (installed)
  • 2 lbs of PP pellets
  • APSX INJECTION software (installed)
  • Kill-A-Watt volt meter

There is an optional stand that can be used with the APSX-PIM. If you also ordered the optional Fume Extractor you will receive them as a separate delivery. 

1 - Open the top of the crate

The machine is mounted to the crate by using two U-bolts. Put the other items aside before you start unscrewing the U-bolt mounting nuts. Remove the Tablet PC box, and PP pellets bag.

APSX-PIM machine is not a light machine. Therefore, have some help for lifting it onto a sturdy desktop or APSX-PIM stand.

Always use the chain hook holes located on the clamp motor and injection motor mount plates. They are designed specifically for lifting. You can use a small size hydraulic lift or a similar tool.  

how to lift APSX-PIM

2 - Install the saddles

APSX-PIM comes with two saddles to sit on. You can place them on the desktop or on the stand.

3 - Assemble the Tablet PC

Open the tablet PC box and find the tablet PC and the power adapter. There are two screws to mount on the machine's clamping side.