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ASTM D256 Izod Impact Test Mold
ASTM D256 Izod Impact Test Mold

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If you need impact test some plastics, you can use this mold to make ASTM D256 specimen. It includes the core and cavity sides as one pair.
The A side does not use claws to mount. You need to use four shoulder bolts. Please mount it so that the upper side is flashed to the block 4's upper side. Shoulder bolts are intentionally longer to create a small gap between the mold and the nozzle plate. This allows keeping the mold cooler since it gets full contact to the nozzle plate only at the full clamping stage.

When you install the A side with four shoulder bolts and the B side with claws, you can use manual control buttons to clamp the mold to check the alignment. When they start to mate, you can HALT the machine to stop. The pins and bushings are tight fit and needs to be pressed in by the machine not by hand.

Dimensions: 4.8"W x 6.0"H x 2.0"D.
Alignment pins are included.

ASTM D256 Test Mold Files (PDF, DXF, STP)

2.51" X 0.50" X 0.125"