Post processor (Fusion 360 CAM) for APSX Spyder


Please first download and install Fusion 360 onto your computer. The Fusion 360 offers a variety of packages for individuals and professionals. You can download a free trial of the Fusion 360 software for professional use or the free version for personal use.

You can see the pricing information here:

Autodesk offers a Free subscription to Fusion 360 for eligible startup companies:

Autodesk also offers a Free subscription to Fusion 360 for personal or hobby use:

In CAM, the decisions on what tooling and toolpaths the APSX Spyder CNC Machine will use will be made to mill the part you designed in CAD. You need a CAM post-processor specific to the APSX Spyder CNC machine to read the G-code files you export from Fusion 360 software. Our partner Autodesk ensures a seamless experience when using Fusion 360 and APSX Spyder CNC Machine. You can download and save the APSX Spyder CAM post-processor for Fusion 360 locally on your computer. Please go to Fusion 360 post library and type “APSX Spyder” into the search bar. When the post-processor appears, select Download.

After you download the post-processor, you need to move it into the correct folder on your computer. You’ll want it within Autodesk’s Post folder. Click on the Post Library on the top Manage menu section. Then click on the import icon to select the APSX Spyder post-processor file on your computer.

In the Manufacturing workspace in Fusion 360, open a part design with toolpaths. Right-click on the toolpath you want to post-process. Select post-process to open up the window.

The window that pops up will look like this:

Click the Source dropdown menu and select Personal Posts. If you have more than one post-processor saved locally, click the post-processor dropdown menu and select “APSX Spyder” enter the rest of the information as needed, and click OK to generate your G-code.