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  APSX-PIM wood crate witj APSX stencil

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APSX-PIM comes in a wood crate of 50"X20'X18". Total weight is about 350 LBS.
Unscrew the top and the front panels where APSX LLC logo is printed
Un-bolt the ground clamp to set the machine free before lifting
ONLY lift from the LIFT HOLES on both sides of the machine by using a lift mechanism
The machine itself is about 250 LBS
NEVER apply force on the RAIL that carries the wires and the sensors when lifting or any other time
NEVER hold the machine from the motors or fans or any other attached components when lifting
If you choose not to follow these guidelines, the limited product warranty becomes voided
See the picture below as a guideline for lifting

APSX-PIM inside a wood crate with a lift

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