Generating toolpaths and the G-code file in Fusion 360 CAM



In this process, we will have multiple steps to select the cutting tool, to set the feed rates and other parameters. In the end, we will have the G-code file for the CNC machine.

The first step is to open the pocket clearing window under the 3D menu on top. 

CAM pocket clearing

Tool: Click on the select tool button.

CAM Tool Selection

Tool: Select the APSX on the left, then select the tool you will be using, such as 1/16" ball end mill.

CAM Tool Selection

Tool: Set the coolant to Mist.

Feed & Speed: Set the Spindle RPM (20000), Feedrate IPM (0.005").

Feed rates

Passes: Check the Manual Stepover and set the maximum value to 0.005". Set the Roughing stepover value to 0.005" as well. Uncheck the Stock to leave. 

Stepover passes

Geometry: Select the machining boundaries, then click OK.

Machining boundaries

Simulate: Click on the Simulate under Actions menu.

CAM simulation

Simulate: Make the necessary adjustments once you watch the simulation.

CAM simulation

Save: When you are satisfied with the program, click on the Save button to complete the process.

CAM Toolpath

Post-process: Click on the Post Process for the setup you selected.

CAM Post Process

Post-process: Use the APSX Spyder post processor, name your file, then click on the Post button. The file extension will be .ngc.

CAM post process