Powering and homing the Spyder CNC


Power Requirement

The APSX SPYDER can be plugged into a standard 110V wall outlet. However, to prevent an outage, please have the machine plugged into its dedicated circuit on the circuit breaker panel with no other appliances drawing power from that circuit. The circuit breaker must be rated at 20 amps minimum.

For non-U.S.A. customers, a step-down power converter (220V to 110V) may be used in Europe or other places. We suggest using a 3000W converter. There are many alternatives on the market, such as the Rockstone Power RSP-3000.

Power Up and Keyboard Setup

First, power the CNC machine by plugging the power cord into the wall outlet.

Next, plug in the monitor power cord.

Power on the cordless keyboard (remove the plastic battery strip and flip the switch on the right side of the keyboard). 

Plugin the keyboard’s USB to the control panel’s USB port. Use the Keyboard touchpad to control the mouse arrow. The touchpad functions are identical to a standard PC mouse.

Press PC Power on the bottom right of the control panel once.

The machine will boot and automatically open SPYDER CNC software in about a minute.


Click on the blinking Press To POWER and then click on the blinking Home All buttons


It will be blinking in Yellow during the homing. In the end, it will show as Homed.


When using the EXIT button, the machine will save the G54 coordinates homing positions based on your workpiece.

When you are done using the machine, you can unplug the power cord from the wall outlet if you do not need to keep the homing coordinates.