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APSX-PIM Plastic Injection Machine
APSX Plastic Injection Molding Machine for Low-Volume Production
APSX-PIM.:. patent pending

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The APSX-PIM is a low-cost automatic injection molding machine with a small footprint (4 ft X 1 ft). It is designed with excellent features allowing you to easily learn and excel at injection molding:

  • Touch screen tablet PC for ease of use and complete control of molding actions
  • Easily control injection pressure, time, temperature, quantity and more from the tablet PC
  • Designed with precision distance, temperature and pressure sensors, ballscrews and 1" steel bar frame
  • Repeatable and consistent quality parts are easily produced after establishing injection profile on tablet PC
  • No water cooling line installation is required making APSX-PIM low maintenance and worry free
  • Plugs into your standard wall outlet (120 Volts) reducing initial setup costs
  • 1 year part replacement warranty

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APSX-PIM as an alternative to the expensive overpowered large injection molding machines that are typically over designed for R&D, Prototyping, Product Design, Education, Hobby and other Low-Volume production environments.

APSX-PIM Low-Volume Injection Molding Machine

We ultimately developed this unique thermoplastic injection molding machine after paying particular attention to the pain points most users commonly experience when using other machines. From this, we designed and optimized a tool that makes both metal and plastic injection molding affordable and easy for both individuals and small industries. Today, the APSX-PIM is an alternative to the traditionally expensive, overpowered and large injection molding machines used for R&D, prototyping, product design, education, hobby and other low-volume production environments.

This plastic injection machine creates quality parts that are consistent, easily repeatable and affordably produced. Use APSX-PIM for small-run affordable injection molding, low-volume injection molding and general rapid prototyping for 3D printed molds at affordable prices.
We’re here to help you create low-cost components rapidly without complex setup or large up-front costs. Get your small desktop plastic injection molding machine for sale at more affordable costs and with easier and more reliable set-up than anywhere else.

APSX-PIM solution is ordinarily cheaper than typical conventional molds alone, and you can do-it-yourself with a low-risk and low-cost option (patent pending).

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All components of this machine are made in Cincinnati, OH USA.


APSX developed the APSX-PIM as an alternative to the expensive overpowered large injection molding machines that are typically over designed for R&D, Prototyping, Product Design, Education, Hobby and other Low-Volume production environments. Our concept is to create an injection machine with automation and accuracy to do real work, while still retaining all the important features that make an injection machine attractive in the first place: small footprint, repeatability, and minimal input power.

APSX-PIM solution is usually cheaper than typical conventional molds alone. Instead of getting the prototypes developed by 3rd party plastic injection molders, you can do-it-yourself with a low-risk and low-cost option (patent pending). It's made in CINCINNATI, OH USA 100% by our team.

Who needs this machine?

- Compact design
- Strong body structure with stainless steel, aluminum 6061, bronze and delrin parts
- All electric and no water-coolant system
- Full automatic with precision sensors
- Injection speed control for fill rate
- Electronic temperature control system
- User touch screen for operational control
- Injection capability with 3D printed molds
- Typically 60 secs per injection cycle (clamp opens and ejects parts every 60 secs)
- Metal Injection Molding (MIM) ready

What's in the crate?
Sample mold
Sample test parts made by APSX-PIM sold
Polypropylene plastic pellets for you to get started making parts
Tablet PC with APSX-PIM software installed

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Solid Machine with a Small Footprint

The APSX-PIM isn't your ordinary manual desktop injection machine. Instead of manual injection molding actions, it's built with automated clamping, injection and eject fetaures. Each APSX-PIM desktop injection machine employs a robust structure with steel bars, precisely designed to provide maximum mold size in a footprint that's not much bigger than a traditional manual desktop injection press. Each APSX-PIM features anodized hard aluminum blocks for a strong structure and the best scratch protection by providing superior wear resistance for a lifetime of use. All APSX-PIM are also equipped with high precision ballscrews for accuracy and rigidity of the machine.

Injection and Clamping Systems

The APSX-PIM features a spring powered by a precise but low–maintenance chain and ballscrew system driven by an electric motor. This mechanism provide infinite injection speed control, resulting in an injection system that is both powerful and precise at micro level. That is much more under controlled and repeatable than the underpowered injection handles on typical desktop injection presses. Along with that, state-of-the-art touchless distance sensors and nozzle valve control system provide the APSX-PIM injection plunger with exceptional flow control and moldflow profile characteristics unlike any other desktop injection machine.

APSX-PIM machines feature a gearbox and ballscrew combo system for clamping mechanism. This isn't an arbitrary design, but also can be a standard for clamping systems by other injection machines in the future.

Intelligent Hopper Feeder

Direct-drive motion for hopper feeder mechanism is provided by precision electric motor coupled with specially designed mini screw to feed the heat barrel with plastic pellets of all kinds. This system is ideal for a repeatable and accurate material control since the system decides how much plastic is required by calculating how much is used in the previous cycles. These make the APSX-PIM a perfect choice as a desktop injection machine.

As with all APSX products, APSX-PIM desktop injection machines are backed with our technical support team to ensure your satisfaction. We support your machine with email, schedule base video conference and phone support and with our extensive online resources, so you can be 100% sure that when you choose APSX, you've made the right choice.

We suggest using a portable ventilation system with a carbon filter. We currently have SAS (Sentry Air Systems) SS-400-PFS model. It can be purchased online at their website at www.sentryair.com.

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