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APSX Plastic Injection Molding & CNC Machines

We get a lot of questions in regards to how we compare to other prototyping companies online. For the most complete demonstration of our products' capabilities, we recommend scheduling a call, in-person or video phone consultation.

When we originally sought out new ways to develop products for our professional and hobbyist customers, we focused our efforts toward creating advanced technology that was easy to set up and easy to use. That's why it's difficult to draw a true comparison between APSX and many of the other companies you'll find in your research. For example, Krauss Maffei, Husky Injection Molding and Arburg, among others, specialize in creating only large machines for large companies. Unlike APSX’s prototyping machines, these machines are used globally by mold- and part-makers that specialize in producing millions of parts for existing designs. Here at APSX, we've always been dedicated to helping thinkers and innovators bring their new ideas and designs to life quickly and affordably without extensive additional training. Our goal is to make plastic injection and CNC milling affordable and attainable for everyone.

Other companies such as Medium Machinery, Morgan Industries or LNS Tech have made certain advances to help provide simpler solutions to small-scale companies. Nevertheless, the machines they produce ultimately offer less process control over the injection molding parameters, affecting your ability to produce new designs quickly and effectively, and don’t offer competitive pricing options.

At APSX, we've spent more than a decade developing a functional product that guarantees results. Our products' parts have been refined over the years to ensure optimal performance, and we're proud to continue to be on the leading edge of injection molding and CNC innovation.