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APSX Motor Control (APSX-MC) offers All-in-One Gator Servo Motor that includes 3-phase stepper motor, encoder, driver and controller. It provides smooth closed-loop motion with repeatability and high accuracy. It is easy to replace the same size current stepper motors and get ready to use.

NEMA17 module is great for upgrading 3D Printer conventional steppers. NEMA23 and NEMA34 modules are the best for CNC applications.

-1000 RPM
-Low total system cost due to simple power supply requirements
-AC powered suggested or DC is available
-High Precision - 4096 real resolution per rotation (0.088 DEG) compared to unpredictable micro-stepping
-Isolated USB input
-Isolated STEP-DIR inputs
-No lost steps
-Adjustable stall alert settings
-Absolute position and continuous rotation modes
-Lower motor heating and higher low-speed torque
-Compact Design - Integrated encoder, controller and driver on the motor
-Faster acceleration and quite operation
-Longer service life than brushed DC servo systems

APSX provides significant volume discounts for OEM type inquiries.