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APSX-PIM Plastic Injection Machine for Injection Mold Makers

APSX-PIM will bring you more business for:

  • Prototype and low volume orders
  • Small parts that would not make sense to use large injection machines
  • Proof of concept to convince a puzzled customer
  • Quick turnaround with aluminum molds with no water cooling and quick barrel change

Join APSX-PIM users globally to enjoy lifelong and repeat customer relationships.

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APSX Plastic Injection Molding Machine for Low-Volume Production APSX-PIM Plastic Injection Machine

All electric, automatic and portable plastic injection molding machine.

Price: $12,500.00
Blank Aluminum Mold machined for APSX-PIM Blank Aluminum Mold machined for APSX-PIM

If you have the CNC machining capabilities or access to a CNC machining service, you can start with this 6061 aluminum blank mold to create a mold for your own part.

Our Price: $500.00
Prototype 3D printed mold 3D Printed Insert Mold Holder

Standard 6061 Aluminum holder to mount 3D Printed Insert Molds. 3D printed molds are NOT included.

Our Price: $750.00
The APSX Combo Injection and SPYDER CNC Machine for Low-Volume Production The COMBO: APSX-PIM Injection and SPYDER CNC Machines

The perfect combo for making plastic parts from scratch.

Price: $19,000.00