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APSX Machines for Educational Institutions and Colleges

APSX-PIM and SPYDER CNC will give you the advantage:

  • APSX-PIM Injection Machine is the ultimate tool to give students hands-on experience with how the injection molding works
  • APSX machines can differentiate your institution from the rest and help you attract more students
  • Low-cost aluminum mold milling with template CNC programs for SPYDER CNC
  • SPYDER CNC is an excellent choice to cut aluminum molds for the APSX-PIM Injection Machine

Join APSX-PIM and SPYDER CNC users in colleges to benefit having the advantage of one of a kind product development and manufacturing technology research and curriculum.

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APSX Plastic Injection Molding Machine for Low-Volume Production APSX-PIM Plastic Injection Machine

APSX-PIM as an alternative to the expensive overpowered large injection molding machines that are typically over designed for R&D, Prototyping, Product Design, Education, Hobby and other Low-Volume production environments.

Price: $12,500.00
APSX SPYDER Desktop CNC Machine for Low Volume Production APSX SPYDER CNC Machine - 4th Axis Ready

High precision, rigid and professional CNC machine that can cut metals.

Price: $6,750.00
Prototype 3D printed mold 3D Printed Insert Mold Holder

Standard 6061 Aluminum blank mold to use with APSX-PIM Blank for 3D Printed Insert Molds. 3D printed molds are NOT included.

Our Price: $750.00