What is injection molding

Injection molding is a manufacturing process for producing plastic injection molds from plastic materials. Material is fed into a heated barrel and forced into a mold cavity, where the injection molded part cools and hardens to the configuration of the mold cavity.

Plastic injection molding is the preferred process for manufacturing plastic parts. It is most typically used in production processes where the same part is being created hundreds or thousands of times in succession. Because the full size injection molding machines and their full size molds are extremely expensive and takes long time to amortize. Injection molds are used to create many things such as electronic housings, containers, bottle caps, automotive interiors, pocket combs, and most other plastic products available today.

Why Use Injection Molding:

The principal advantage of injection molding is the ability to scale production. Once the initial costs have been paid the price per unit during injection molded manufacturing is extremely low. The price also tends to drop drastically as more parts are produced.

*Note: With a machine like APSX-PIM, the initial investment cost is so low that there is no need for high volume production to justify the initial investment.