Readiness check list for plastic parts prototype to production

There are unforeseen production costs that may reduce the profitability outcomes because whatever can go wrong will go wrong, take longer and cost more.

1 – Prepare BOM (Bill of Material)
How many parts are there? From shelf or custom made? What are the ballpark costs for each item?
2 – MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)
What are the MOQs for each item? At what quantity can you start negotiating?
3 – PO (Purchase Order)
Upfront development costs are paid before the sales come.
4 – Tooling
Which tools do you need to make production? Custom or standard tools?
5 – Quality
Understand the steps required to translate low volume production into large quantities. Each step should be described in detail to secure a quality outcome.
6 – Packaging
Consider it as a marketing and also transportation safety item to protect your products during shipping.
7 – Shipping
When the volume is enough, sign a discounted rate contract with shippers to save some money.
8 – Storage
Organize your storage based on your operational flow so that things would stay in control when the volume gets high.
9 – Others
Website development, money transaction account, accounting, space, trade shows…