Important things to consider for product development and custom plastic molding

- Plan for more resources
The tasks are mostly new and trial and error environment exist. The resource buffer should meet that demand. APSX-PIM and APSX-CNC machines can give the early feedback about the design by tangible prototypes in one day and can reduce unforeseen expenses and time

- Reduce error where there is a time delay bottleneck – mold making etc
The time it takes to receive a mold just to initial test the product is typically long. It can create frustration if the trials go wrong several times. APSX-PIM and APSX-CNC allow you to test in-house in small scale before you commit money and time for a large scale injection molding. Remember the hint. Eliminate the wait times and fine-tune faster..

- Set up project boards to see tangible progress and have short stand-up meetings
Categorize the work-in-progress stages to visually see where you stand for all work in process (WIP) parts. Categories like “Ready”, “Modify”, “Ready to test”, “Testing” can be helpful.

- Reduce the product test batch size to shorten the feedback delays
Allow in advance time to go back to drawing board and make the necessary modifications before it gets too deep in the project timeline. APSX-PIM and APSX-CNC machines allow you to test part materials on smaller scales before proceeding to large scale production.

- Due to fluid nature of development work, plans have to be flexible and changing accordingly
It is always ok to revise a master plan if things change during the project path. Remember that pushing the initial plan just to save time in the short term does not make any project more successful and can result in delayed consequences. APSX-PIM and APSX-CNC give you the flexibility to go back and make necessary changes quickly so you don’t restrict the long term development of your project.

- Less features can be more – just provide what customer needs with simple design
Large mold manufacturers tend to make extra details on the parts; however it reduces the flexibility as a manufacturer to change the injection mold provider or design due to unnecessary features on the part. APSX-PIM and APSX-CNC were created with the intention to naturally direct the builder towards a simple design that can be modified with ease.

- Let the team learn from the mistakes during the project by allowing them test in house
It can be very costly when something goes wrong with an expensive injection mold. Chances to learn from the mistakes can reduce this cost significantly. However APSX-PIM and APSX-CNC have initial and operational cost so low that you can perform trial and error approach while learning faster, better and with less cost.