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APSX-PIM .:. Low-cost, personal, desktop, horizontal, electric, full-automatic plastic injection molding machine.

From 3D Drawing to A Real Product in a Day. That's Incredible!

WHO NEEDS THIS MACHINE? [for more detailed info visit APSX-PIM application list [

Full-time or part-time CNC machinists, product design studios, rapid prototype shops, high tech medical equipment manufacturers, mold manufacturers, injection molders, engineering and technical schools and DIY hobbyists can all benefit from this machine. The main benefits are shorter lead-time, repeatibility and impact/wear resistant parts.

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APSX Plastic Injection Molding Machine for Low-Volume Production APSX-PIM Plastic Injection Machine

All electric, automatic and portable plastic injection molding machine.

Price: $12,500.00
The APSX Combo Injection and SPYDER CNC Machine for Low-Volume Production The COMBO: APSX-PIM Injection and SPYDER CNC Machines

The perfect combo for making plastic parts from scratch.

Price: $19,000.00