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APSX-PIM .:. Low-cost, personal, desktop, horizontal, electric, full-automatic plastic injection molding machine.

From 3D Drawing to A Real Product in a Day. That's Incredible!

WHO NEEDS THIS MACHINE? [for more detailed APSX-PIM application list please

Full-time or part-time CNC machinists, product design studios, rapid prototype shops, high tech medical equipment manufacturers, mold manufacturers, injection molders, engineering and technical schools and DIY hobbyists can benefit from this machine. The main benefits are shorter lead-time, repeatibility, impact and wear resistant parts, lowest cost possible for the long term, quality surface finish.

  • Price under $15K - Most affordable full-automatic injection machine ever
  • Weight under 250 lbs - The lightest full-automatic injection machine ever
  • Footprint under 450 sq-in - The smallest full-automatic injection machine ever
  • Max injection volume is 1.83 cu-in (30-40 gram) - Enough shot volume to have good size parts

Injection molding machines are known for being large and expensive machines that require significant infrastructure, long learning curve and high maintenance. For these reasons most individuals and small businesses don't have access to an injection molding machine, so we decided to make one that could be used with a low cost and minimal space. It is great for every workshop and R&D lab since APSX-PIM is the first full-automatic injection molding machine that can fit in even small spaces.

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Desktop_Injection_Molding APSX-PIM Desktop Electric Plastic Injection Machine

Low-cost, desktop, horizontal, electric, full-automatic plastic injection machine (patent pending).

List Price: $14,999.99
Our Price: $12,500.00