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APSX-PIM: Plastic Injection Machine Plastic Injection Molding - Parts, Molds, Pellets Plastic Injection Machine Parts and Accessories
APSX molding process is innovative and full automatic to provide molded plastics at reasonable costs. Anybody with CNC capabilities can benefit from APSX plastic injection molding products to complete the full cycle of "cool idea" to "finished product".

APSX offers affordable and compact plastic injection machine for a perfect fit for the customer applications. APSX also provides small custom plastic injection molding parts including fixed cost mold ($1500).

For low quantity plastic injection molding, ejector pin marks can be eliminated easily. Even metal injection molding (MIM) is possible with APSX-PIM.

All of these capabilities are great fit for rapid prototyping targets. Instead of using temporary solutions such as 3D printing or thermo-forming or expensive solutions such as direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) etc. you can use Made in America APSX portfolio for quick and reliable solutions.