APSX (Advanced Production Systems) LLC
Advanced Production Systems

APSX, LLC. is a privately held company in Cincinnati, OH, exclusively focused on providing advanced production systems and solutions.

11144 Luschek Dr.
Blue Ash, OH 45241

EMAIL: info@APSX.com

Phone: 513-716-5992

We create SIMPLE solutions with ADVANCED technology
APSX designs and manufactures advanced production solutions such as plastic injection machines (APSX-PIM) including custom molds and CNC machines (APSX-CNC). Our main focus is to design and make portable size, small smart machines allowing businesses to save money and time by providing them with the tools to go from “cool idea” to “finished product” in one day. Providing people with the knowledge to speed up their prototyping and production is the sole mission at APSX, allowing them an unprecedented level of simplicity and control over their product development. Simplicity in design makes our machines very reliable, easy to maintain and perform at low operating costs. We are always one step ahead with our new technologies such as high precision electric motor encoder units and distance - temperature sensors. That does not mean that our machines are expensive or made in Germany. The simplicity in design allows us to offer them for sale at one third of the price compared to its closest competitor on the market. We take pride in hand building every machine here at our location in Cincinnati Ohio, USA.

Our Story
In 2002, there were two engineers in the Xavier University MBA program. Rick Cevik and Kubi Kara started APSX, LLC. to provide SIMPLE solutions with ADVANCED technology making people's lives easier. Thanks to their amazingly fast product development process, they have designed, manufactured and sold RFID readers, aftermarket auto parts/accessories and robotics/consumer electronics to thousands of engineers, students, hobbyists and car enthusiasts from all over the world.

Rick specializes in the innovation, product design and production sides of the business. He graduated with bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering from ITU and then received an MBA degree from the Xavier University. He has experience in software development, computer networking, product design and production and has consulted with several area businesses. He also developed the Robo-Pong table tennis robot for Newgy Industries in Tennessee displaying strong product design and production skills.

Kubi received his bachelor's degree as a Mechanical Engineer from METU and MBA from Xavier University. He worked for UPS Supply Chain Solutions in Kentucky and then for Honda Logistics in Ohio as a financial planning and budgeting manager. He specializes in accounting, purchasing, sales and marketing sides of the business. Kubi has an analytical mind, but more than that, he understands how to turn business data into meaningful information for many different types of industry settings.

We believe in
A 100% complete job at the production line with error free products
Simple and cost effective products
Pleasant customer experiences

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