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APSX-PIM .:. Low-cost, personal, desktop, horizontal, electric, full-automatic plastic injection molding machine.

From 3D Drawing to A Real Product in a Day. That's Incredible!

As makers, designers and manufacturers, we need to give our unique product ideas a shape that we can see and also touch them. We built this machine (patent pending) for that purpose. APSX-PIM machine usually costs less than typical conventional molds alone. It's a maker's dream made in CINCINNATI, OH USA 100% by our team!

We believe there is a future that is alternative to conventional plastic injection molding market. When it comes to make tangible things in your own shop or garage, there is still no affordable and easy way to make them. When there is a need for molded plastic or metal part, there is no cost effective and quick solution in the market. The idea is that it is AFFORDABLE while it also DOES THE JOB. It is purposely designed to make plastic or metal injection molding cost effective and easy to apply when the quantities are low for prototyping, testing, new product development, and low-volume part production.


Full-time or part-time CNC machinists, product design studios, rapid prototype shops, high tech medical equipment manufacturers, mold manufacturers, injection molders, engineering and technical schools and DIY hobbyists can benefit from this machine. The main benefits are shorter lead-time, repeatibility, impact and wear resistant parts, lowest cost possible for the long term, quality surface finish.

APSX-PIM .:. Plastic Injection Machine

APSX-PIM works by compressing the spring to create the injection pressure and by injecting the melted material into the aluminum mold. This small plastic injection molding machine is easy to setup and operate as fully automatic. APSX-PIM solution usually costs less than typical conventional molds alone. Instead of getting the prototypes developed by 3rd party plastic injection molders, you can do-it-yourself with a low-risk and low-cost alternative.

  • Price under $10K - Most affordable full-automatic injection machine ever
  • Weight under 250 lbs - The lightest full-automatic injection machine ever
  • Footprint under 450 sq-in - The smallest full-automatic injection machine ever
  • Injection volume is 1.83 cu-in (3-40 gram) - Enough shot volume to have good size parts
Technical Specs:
  • Piston Dia [in]: 1
  • Injection Volume [cu-in]: 1.83
  • Injection Pressure [PSI]: 5000
  • Clamping Force [lbs]: 15000
  • Opening Stroke [in]: 6
  • Ejector Stroke [in]: 3
  • Weight [lbs]: 250
  • Max Mold Size [in]: 4.8" (W) X 6.0" (H)
  • Min Mold Height [in]: 4
  • Machine Dimensions [in]: 43" (L) X 12" (W) X 15" (H)
  • Max Processing temp [F]: 600
  • Power Supply [V]: 115
  • Heating Power [W]: 1200
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Plastic Materials for Injection: HDPE, PP, TPO, PS, ABS, anything with melt flow rate higher than 15 g/10 min is good.

Injection molding machines are known for being large and expensive machines that require significant infrastructure, long learning curve and high maintenance. For these reasons most individual makers and small businesses don't have access to an injection molding machine, so we decided to make one that could be used with a limited budget and minimal space. It is great for every workshop and garage since APSX-PIM is the first full-automatic injection molding machine that can fit in every workshop or garage. Traditional injection molding machines start from $50K, but we are bringing this machine to every workshop. It's a maker's dream.

It is great for every shop and garage.

  • It is compact and light weight
  • Works with 110V wall outlet
  • No need for water supply for cooling
  • Full automatic with precision sensors
  • Electronic temperature control
  • 10" touch screen tablet control panel
If you already have your own CNC machine and a CAD software, you can turn a 3D design into a tangible and high quality plastic (PIM) or metal part (MIM). That’s incredible!

It is not like a typical 3D printed part. It is much more than that such as:
  • High impact resistance
  • High wear resistance
  • High repeat-ability
  • Short production times
  • Custom surface textures

Under 5000 parts X-Mold cost multiple times more ($15-$300 range) than APSX-PIM and 3D Printing. Above 5000 parts X-Mold is better than 3D printing but still not even close to APSX-PIM.
3D printing makes sense only for less than 100 parts needed if the impact and wear resistance, time to get the parts done, repeat-ability and surface finish are NOT important. However, if you need any of the criteria above, APSX-PIM is your ultimate choice by far.
Cost comparison above for APSX-PIM, a 3D printer and 3rd party molder "X-MOLD" suggests the following assumptions.
- X-MOLD COSTS Mold and set up fees $7000. Piece price $0.65
- 3D PRINTING COSTS 3D Printer $1000. Machine life 1 million parts. 1 lb PLA $55
- APSX-PIM COSTS Machine cost $12500. Machine life 1 million parts (very worst case). 1 lbs plastic pellets $2. Mold cost by using CNC machine your own $250 (Tormach).


You can always 3D print your mold with high temp resin to withstand the high temperatures (240 Centigrade and more) and use as in insert in the APSX blank mold for injection molding purpose. The lifetime for the 3D printed molds are not very long. Typically one can get about 10 good parts out of one 3D printed mold. But the short lead time to get and see the design result can be a big benefit.

How to 3D Print Plastic Molds and Tooling - by Lindsey Frick at Machine Design 2013
The Difference Between Machined and 3D Printed Metal Injection Molds - by Lindsey Frick at Machine Design 2014

.:. Dream. Design. Make NOW. .:.

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APSX-PIM Plastic Injection Machine

Low-cost, desktop, horizontal, electric, full-automatic plastic injection machine (patent pending).

List Price: $14,999.99
Our Price: $12,500.00