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Welcome to APSX RFID Technologies

All APSX RFID readers/writers are designed by APSX to provide a low-cost and easy to use solution to BOTH read and write passive RFID tags up to 11 inches away (RW310). These tags provide a unique serial number and can store user data up to 2K bits organized in 64 blocks. You DO NOT need to buy an antenna with APSX RFID reader/writer products. The units have an ON-BOARD antenna and works with variety of 13.56MHZ ISO15693 tags including, but not limited to, Texas Instruments (Tag-It) and Philips (I-CODE SLI). Our minimum order quantity for each product is 50 pieces per order. Due to cost increases and constant spec changes on RFID microchips, this is the way we can keep our cost at minimum levels comparing to other RFID products with the 13.56MHz frequency in the market. Please email us (, when you want to make an order. 











Since 2004, APSX, LLC. (Advanced Productivity Solutions) has been providing hobbyists, researchers, integrators and developers, electronics devices with an excellent track record in durability and reliability. APSX also provides product design and solution services in RF, RFID, GPS/GPRS, electric motors and other generic electronics. One of our RFID applications is the Keyless RFID Ignition Switch for ATVs, Side by Side UTVs and utility vehicles. See at our Solutions pages or at Our automotive performance parts division is at

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